Greenfield Transit Authority

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Greenfield Transit Authority
CEO Ministry of Transportation for the Republic of Hiram Land
Serves: The capital of the Republic of HL.
Greenfield Metro, among others

The Greenfield Transit Authority is a public transport/tansit operator in Greenfield, operating the Greenfield Metro and more. The Greenfield Transit Authority is operated by the Ministry of Transportation for the Capital in Greenfield and manages all modes of transport within the city such as the Greenfield Metro, Busses, and Ferries. Altough the GTA is a public transport operator itself, it does not operate all forms of transport within the capital. Passengers may give feedback regarding the transport systems in the capital by notifying @awesomeguy1003 on twitter.


The GTA was formed in 1979 to mix the GRTA (Greenfield Rapid Transit Authority) and parts of HiramRAIL to form the GTA. They were able to operate for more than 30 years. They took over the buses and the Greenfield Metro in 1980, and operated a ferry from 1991. They now operate more transport/transit companies under the Concession Act 2010.

Concession Act 2010

The Greenfield Transit Authority has implemented a new concession act along with the local Parliament from 4th March 2010. Under the new concession, private operators which have been awarded the "Contract of Operation for the Capital" operating public transport in the city, such as Greenfield Metro will come under this new concession act. Under the new concession act, the Greenfield Transit Authority will reserve the rights to name and brand the system and private operators will need to seek permission before building any new lines or extensions. The GTA would also reserve the right to confisicate any property owned by private operators should they not follow the regulations and procedures before constructing new structures in the City.

Vark Competition

When the Greenfield Transit Authority requires a new mode of transport or a new operator, the Vark competition is opened to those interested in operating any public transportation system in the capital of HL, Greenfield. Anyone is able to participate in this competition. In the competition, operators propose their transportation systems by building a miniature city with a fully functional system inside it to show how the system can easily integrate into the city. Greenfield Transit Authority later chooses no winner or a winner which will be awarded a "Contract of Operation for the Capital" to implement their system into the city.

Styling and Branding

Each mode of transport/system GTA manages has its own corporate logo and identity created by using different colors of the circle logo (Red colour is for the GTA) for each mode of transport/system. This gives the systems a uniform identity and shows that they are all managed by the Greenfield Transit Authority. When the Consession Act of 2010 is in effect, all modes of transport in the city will have different color variations of the GTA logo.